Hi, my name is Shlomi Ardan. I’m an Israeli value Investor, blogger, lawyer and fund manager.

 I’ve been investing for almost 15 years. Since I learned investing by reading English sources, I found myself thinking about investments in English, and so I gravitated towards investments in English speaking countries –  Mostly small and mid-cap companies in the U.S. and Europe.  

In the last 4 years of my investing career, after I quite accidently, during my work as a lawyer, stumbled upon an incredible investments opportunity in an Israeli nano-cap (~15 m USD at the time) I found myself spending more and more time on Israeli companies, and finding bargain after bargain – companies selling for half, third or even a quarter of any rational value or what almost any global comp would trade at. Since I got to the Israeli market only after a decade of investing, I could appreciate how extreme the difference is.  

In 2018 I started writing a Hebrew investing blog and publishing a public portfolio that I updated once a quarter. My returns since then have been high (~230% in the last 2 years), and I feel I’ve only gotten better, with more companies that I deeply understand. I estimate that with the investment opportunities I have available in my home market can achieve a return of approximately 40-50% CAGR.  

So why have I started writing this blog?

As I said, I learned a lot about investing from English books, blogs and forums. And I guess It’s good karma to give something back. I feel the entire investing world is missing out on the cheapest stock market in the world– and no wonder! Hebrew Readers are rare to find, Israelis are obsessed with real-estate (Residential Real Estate yields are 2.5-3%) and the companies are usually too small to justify English translations.

So what do I want to achieve with this blog? It seems the situation is at an impasse. Global investors are not aware of the incredibly attractive Israeli market (companies that report in English don’t count!) and Israeli companies don’t see foreigners as potential investors, therefore report only in Hebrew.

So I definitely can’t translate the entire Israeli stock market to English, but what I can do is write about some ideas I find interesting, and show, publicly, the kind of returns that can be achieved in safe, well manage, unleveraged, profitable Israeli businesses. Perhaps this will be enough to start the ball rolling.

You can reach me anytime at [email protected]