Blog Portfolio and returns

Since Q3 2018, at the beginning of every quarter I would publish a blog portfolio composition in my Hebrew blog. I would make no changes during the quarter. The goal of the model portfolio is to demonstrate in an easy to follow manner the kind of returns achievable investing in Israeli small caps even without trading or making frequent changes.

Q3 20186.4%
Q4 20187.2%
Q1 2019-1%
Q2 201924.7%
Q3 201936.7%
Q4 201927.3%
Q1 2020-20%
Q2 202043%
Q3 202054.25%
Q4 202049.71%

My Q3 2020 blog portfolio:

SecurityWeightPrice at start of quarterPrice at end of quarter + DividendReturn
Shoham Warrant30%284.4 413.445.36%
Rani Zim Shopping Centers30%279.5433.0 +26.954.92%
Total quarterly return54.25%