2020 portfolio performance summary

Exactly 3 months ago I published my public portfolio for Q4 2020. The following table shows the portfolio performance in Q4 2020:

SecurityWeightPrice at start of Q4 2020Price at end of Q4 2020Return
Shoham business20%769.3 96725.7%
Shoham warrant10%413 591 42.96%
Rani Zim Warrant20%83.2131.758.29%
S.R. Accord 20%4244618846.01%
Quarterly Portfolio return:49.71%
Q1 2020– 20%
Q2 202043%
Q3 202054.25%
Q4 202049.71%
Full Year164.18%

All in all not a bad quarter. Q4’s return brings my full year 2020 blog return to 164.18% My second 100%> annual return in a row – and I’m definitely aiming for a third.

Unfortunately, since I publish a public portfolio only once a quarter, I couldn’t include my successful investment in Siyata Mobile stock and especially warrants which Yielded more than 400% in the last 2 months.

Due to considerations having to do with my fund I’ll publish my Q1 2021 portfolio during the next 10 days (I’ve uploaded a private Youtube video which includes it).

Have a great 2021!

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