Q3 portfolio performance and my portfolio for Q4

For the past 2 years I’ve been publishing a public blog portfolio at the beginning of each quarter and tracking its results. This was my portfolio for Q3 2020. I published this portfolio on 1.7.20 on my Hebrew blog and here soon after I launched the blog:

SecurityWeightPrice at start of quarterPrice at end of quarter + DividendReturn
Shoham Warrant30%284.4 413.445.36%
Rani Zim Shopping Centers30%279.5433.0 +26.954.92%
Total quarterly return54.25%

The blog portfolio returned 54.25% on Q3, which is similar to my actual portfolio return.

It’s worth mentioning that the Israeli index hasn’t performed very well in 2020 (around negative 17% YTD), but as you can see – stock picking is extremely rewarding in the Israeli market.

This is my blog portfolio coming into the fourth quarter of 2020:

SecurityWeightPrice at start of quarter
Shoham business20%769.3
Shoham warrant10%413
Rani Zim Warrant20%83.2
S.R. Accord 20%4244

Some really good things happened in Israel this quarter, including a peace deal with UAE and Bahrein, but the good news have been overshadowed, so far, by the second wave of corona infections. The mortality in Israel isn’t particularly high (~1500) but the number of confirmed cases (and tests) per capita is. I hope the severity of the current wave will at least make it short. Whenever things will get more normal – the Israeli market has a lot of catching up to do.

Good luck and have a great quarter.

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